Gift ideas Les Sens de Marrakech, between nature and tradition

The sun, the sand, the musk, the argan and the orange blossom are so many smells and sensations to be discovered or rediscovered through original and sublime gift boxes.

Our Story

The Origin of Beauty

Lsdm Arabia is a Dubai-based company that operates in the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East, and neighbouring countries. Our primary goal is to expand the presence of the renowned Moroccan brand, Les Sens de Marrakech, in this vast and captivating region.

The Brand

Les Sens de Marrakech

Founded in 2003, Les Sens de Marrakech is a Moroccan brand specializing in cosmetics. Our brand is committed to providing natural, effective, and safe ingredients while upholding an ethical approach that celebrates the craftsmanship of Moroccan artisans.


Research & Development

Our Marrakech facility hosts both our R&D Lab and manufacturing site. It aligns with current European quality and safety standards overseen by our French office, renowned for excellence in Luxury, Perfumes, and Skincare.

The blend of international regulations, such as GLP and GMP in skincare, coupled with Morocco’s globally recognized bath culture, has naturally shaped Les Sens de Marrakech, dedicated to beauty preservation and flourishing.

Matte & Pure Gel Cream

Tea Tree & Ginger

Oily & Mixed Skin

Mattifying gel cream featuring ginger extract, tea tree, and microspheres. Effectively reduces shine, refines skin texture, and provides a smooth, matte finish. The microspheres absorb 600 times their volume in fat, restore balance to skin with excess sebum without causing excessive shine