Gift ideas Les Sens de Marrakech, between nature and tradition

The sun, the sand, the musk, the argan and the orange blossom are so many smells and sensations to be discovered or rediscovered through original and sublime gift boxes.

Oil Burners

High Fragrance Concentration

Perfumed Oil

Fragrance oil for oil burners. Highest
concentration in the range. Perfume your
home intensely and quickly, immersing
yourself in the heart of Marrakech. Immerse
your living space in the rich and captivating
aromas, creating an ambiance reminiscent of
the vibrant and exotic atmosphere of

Reed Diffusors

Home Fragrance

Perfumed Atmosphere

Enhance your living space with these reed
diffusers featuring Capilla stems for continuous
fragrance. The simple diffusion principle involves
the stems absorbing the perfume from the vase
and gradually releasing a sweet and consistent
scent through capillary action.

Pillow Mists

Lotus & Ginger, Orange Blossom

1001 Nights Pillow Mist

Known for its calming properties, our pillow
mist promotes relaxation when sprayed on
pillows, sheets, or curtains before bedtime.
Infused with lotus ginger or orange blossom
scents, this Les Sens de Marrakech mist
facilitates a restful sleep, providing the
benefits of deep rejuvenation.