Bath & Body

(Oils, Scrubs, Shower Gels, Milks, etc.)

Sensual Oil

Argan & Sunflower Oils

Dry Skin, Lacking Moisture

Infused with the enriching properties of argan oil
and refined sunflower seed oil, this delicately
scented Sensual Oil is a treat for dry skin.
The Sensual oil is also excellent in repairing
massage for the body.

Water Care Oil

Argan, Castor, Sweet almond and Sunflower Seed Oil

All Skin Types

Composed of 4 precious oils: Argan, Sweet
Almond, Sunflower and Castor. The water care
oil offers a wonderful alternative to nourish
and soften the skin.
Easy, fast, the skin has an incomparable
velvety finish.

Massage Oil

Composition: Refined sunflower seed oil.

Format: 1 Liter – 34 fl.oz.

Water Care Oil*

Composition: Argan oil, Sweet almond oil, Refined sunflower seed oil, Castor oil and Tocopherol (from sunflower and soybean oil).

Format: 1 Liter – 34 fl.oz.

Sensual Oil*

Composition: Argan oil, Refined sunflower seed oil, Tocopherol (from sunflower and soybean oil).

Format: 1 Liter – 34 fl.oz

Melty Cocoon Of Shea

Shea Butter

Very Dry Skin

Composed of 96% of shea butter, this
concentrated care butter provides you with
enhanced nutrition from head to toe. It is essential
to repair and intensely nourish the skin. Among the
benefits of shea butter are that it prevents skin
dryness, protects from the sun, cures skin
problems, reduces stretch marks.

Sensual Balm

Argan, Sunflower Oil & Beeswax

Dull, Dry Skin

A rich balm with three key ingredients: 100%
nourishing argan and sunflower oils and beeswax.
It prevents cracking, reduces tightness, and
imparts a melting, creamy texture to nourish the
body. For soft and silky hair, apply to lengths and
ends. This transformative balm adds radiance to
the skin, making it a summer essential.

Desert Sand Scrub

Desert Sand, Sea Salt & Argan Oil

All Skin Types

Composed essentially of grains of sands of
Morocco, salt and argan oil, this desert sand
scrub allows you in 2 phases to exfoliate and
nourish your skin. This scrub exfoliates the skin
and removes dead cells and impurities from
the skin to make it velvety and soft.

Exfoliating Cream Argan Seeds

Argan, Rice Powder, Shea and Mango Butter

Dry Skin

A recipe that includes argan oil and rice
powder, which allows you to remove impurities
and dead cells on the surface of your skin. A
cream that provides softness for your skin
through mango, argan and shea butter .

Melty Cocoon Of Shea

Composition: 96% Pure Shea Butter and Tocopherol (from sunflower and soybean oil). *Jasmine Scent

Format: 1kg – 35 fl.oz.

Exfoliating Cream With Argan*

Composition: Kaolin, Argan butter, Rice Powder, Mango butter, Shea butter, Pure Argan oil, and O-CYMEN5-OL.

Format: 1kg – 35 fl.oz.

Desert Sand Scrub*

Composition: Desert Sand, Sea salt, Argan Oil, Sunflower oil, and Tocopherol (from sunflower & soybean oil).

Format: 2kg – 70 oz.

Ancestral Shower Gel

Aloe Vera

All Skin Types

This spectacular ancestral shower gel with
Aloe Vera in the fragrance of your choice
cleanses without drying the skin. Its formula
is without paraben nor silicone for the good
pleasure of its users. Plus, it contains up to
90% naturally derived ingredients.

Oriental Body Milk

Argan, Sweet Almond Oil & Beeswax

Normal to Dry Skin

This Marrakech-inspired milk, enriched with argan oilMand sweet almond oil, is perfect for all skin types,Mespecially those that are dry or slightly dry. EachMapplication becomes a real moment of happiness. It leaves no greasy film on the skin. To use daily without moderation after the bath or shower.

Shower Gel

Composition: Citric acid (active of lemon) and Potassium Sorbate

Format: 1 Liter – 34 fl.oz.

Ancestral Shower Gel*

Composition: Aloe Vera, Citric acid (active of lemon), and Potassium Sorbate.

Format: 1 Liter – 34 fl.oz.

Oriental Body Milk*

Composition: Argan oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Glycerin, Tocopherol (from sunflower and soybean oil), Potassium Sorbate.

Format: 1 Liter – 34 fl.oz