Our Universe


Facial care with active ingredients that combine nature and effectiveness to address the problems of each skin type.

Bath & Body

Rich treatments with argan oil and oriental scents with exclusive handmade packaging


Unique scent creations inspired by the gardens of Morocco and the vibrant life of the medina.


Perfume to make your home joyful & embellish it with handmade accessorized packaging


Beauty accessories for you, ideas for your gifts, all the know-how of the artisans of Marrakech await you in this section.


The sun, the sand, the musk, the argan and the orange blossom are so many smells and sensations to be discovered or rediscovered through original and sublime gift boxes.

Our Story

2003 : CREATION OF THE COMPANY – Coming from the world of aesthetics and formulation, Céline and Sébastien SEGUIN founded the brand Les Sens De Marrakech.
2005: INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION – Reinforcement of the commercial activity with the launch of the brand in the United Arab Emirates and in France.
2012: RELOCATION – Offices and production unit on a manufacturing area of more than 1,000 m2.
2013: OPENING – of the pilot store within the manufacturing unit in Marrakech.
2014: OPENING – Integrated spa and training center within the headquarters of Marrakech.
2016: OPENING – of a shop in Dakar.
2017: OPENING – of a shop in front of Majorelle garden in Marrakech.
2019: OPENING – of a boutique in Germany.
2020: OPENING – of a shop in Nantes.

Our Production

Integrated Laboratory in Marrakech 100% of our products are developed in our R&D laboratory within our factory in Marrakech. The formulas of our products are exclusive for our brand with the concern of restricting our supplies to the shortest possible circuit.
Naturalness is an integral part of our formulations. Thus the % of natural ingredients are noted on each label.
Products tested and validated by toxicological experts
in France.
Our products developed and manufactured in Marrakech are assessed by one of the best French toxicology laboratories for a total safety of use.
Since 2005, each of our products has undergone controls and evolved according to international standards. Integrated production site in Marrakech
Our production plant covers more than 1,000 m2. Since 2003, we have been manufacturing soaps, creams, face and body oils as well as perfume and home fragrances.

The factory is certified ISO GMP 22716

Our Values

Miracle in a bottle

Packaging and Craftsmanship

Our products are accessorized and decorated by Marrakech craftsmen withancestral know-how.
§ Each accessory brings its own uniqueness to the product and allows it to become a real decorative piece in the bathroom.
§ We exclusively use glass except for products that go in the shower.
§ Our products can be recharged with their twin without accessories and can be kept indefinitely to store jewelry, spices…
Packaging and Craftsmanship
§ It is from Morocco’s richness that Les Sens du Marrakech was born.
§ Its land, its natural assets, its scents, its colors, its wonderful landscapes, its


With its wide range covering the entire universe of
beauty and fragrance, Les Sens de Marrakech
stores are positioned in cities with over 100,000
inhabitants with good buying power. Present in
Morocco but also in France, Senegal, Germany and UAE.
The stores will have a travel perspective through
the beauty of the Orient.


The corners or shop in shop position themselves in
multi-brand stores. Les Sens de Marrakech, with its
truly unique identity, can easily complement
institutional brands by highlighting its Oriental
touch through its ingredients and exclusive